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I love being a non-priority.  Seems like it’s been this way my entire life so isn’t going to change.  There are some people everyone loves and cares about, and some that no one does and I fall into the latter category.  An after thought, a convenience, yes, but a priority, no.  Admit it anyone who cares to read this blog *insert the sound of a thousand crickets chirping* – do you ever actually have a modicum of desire to spend any quality time with me?  Out of sight, out of mind.  Speaking of, I’m so fucking sick of people with their goddamn cell phones.  Put your fucking phone down when you are out with someone – dinner or like anytime you should actually be interacting with the person you are physically with.  People are tethered to their phones and it really is making me pissed.  The other day I was in a waiting room and observed that people can’t sit for 1 minute before whipping out their phone and wasting more time on probably fucking Angry Birds rather than – oh I don’t know – like absorb the actual world around them.  Like even at my kid’s dentist office a couple weeks ago.  Mothers whipping out their phones IMMEDIATELY.  Can’t you interact with your child for 10 minutes before being called out of the waiting room? Ask your kid how their day at school was?  Appreciate nature or people around you – I don’t know.  Fucking anything at all.  You don’t need to fish your phone out literally every time you sit down.  Why not try – oh say – interacting with your friends and loved ones?  Listen to what they say, act like you care?  Anything?  Sit idly and just think, even.  At work, people can’t even walk down the hall without phone in hand, head down.  I’m so sick of it.  It’s like people care to interact with their electronics more than ACTUAL FUCKING PEOPLE.

I wish I could become an electronic device for a day then maybe people would feel they couldn’t live without me.  At this point, I’d rather pay money to live computer/phone-free for a week than actually go on a vacation where phones /laptops were available.  I literally get less attention than the average cell phone.

Posted on April 13th 2013 in Journal

One Response to “team lonely”

  1. CMT Says:

    Agreed. Thankfully, the people in my life can stand to not check their phones every 5 minutes while we’re together.