Insomnia leads to…

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I think I am going insane.  The other night, in the throes of inexplicable insomnia, I started image googling the word ‘queef.’  It was just out of curiosity; me wondering what sorts of images could exist for a queef (keep in mind this was at 1am with me only partially functioning on minimal sleep for the past 2 months).  Bottom line,  it’s pretty damn hilarious.  Go ahead and try it.  My favorite was this image of Toby Queef.

A poor, yet hilarious, photoshop

I texted several choice images to my sister immediately, deliriously laughing my ass off so hard I had tears.  That’s a good thing though, since tears of delirium are far preferable to the depression tears that I’m pretty much constantly fighting to hold back.  So hey, I’m going to go do some more funny google image searches now.

Posted on December 18th 2012 in Journal

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