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I dyed my hair today. Well, had my hair dyes is more accurate. It’s way too dark and… Purple. Should be awesome going to work like this and having to have the same conversation 59 times.

“Oh did you dye your hair?”


“I thought so. It’s … Darker.”

“Indeed, good sir/ ma’am. Excellent observational skills.” I’d rather stay the usual course of being completely invisible to the world. I’m only acknowledged when something embarrassing or otherwise negative is going on.


In other news, I graduated to yellow belt in martial arts today. Made the mistake of inviting the fam. It was truly a fiasco. C all pissed off, girls acting like brats, unable to sit. Nobody else’s invitees were this miserable. It was supposed to be a fun and celebratory event, but of course for me had to turn into stress and pressure. So there’s that. More of the same thing I’ve experienced my entire life. A massive inconvenience.

Posted on September 26th 2014 in Journal

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