Anus at McDonald’s

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I was at McDonald’s a few days ago waiting to order two large iced teas and some mcnuggets. Reason being, the drive-thru at Taco Bell was incredibly slow-moving. We had planned on getting tacos for us and some mcnuggets for the girls since they inexplicably do not eat at Taco Bell. Well after sitting for ages, C suggested I run next door to McD to save time so that I’d actually have time to eat before having to leave for class. I agreed, hopped out, and trotted on over to McD to fetch the drinks and nuggets.

Despite the fact that there were ZERO customers in line inside McD, it was taking ages to receive my order. I got my teas and stood to the side waiting. An asian guy came in and ordered a chicken sandwich. The worker asked “grilled or cripsy?” and the guy just stood there perplexed. “The chicken. Do you want it grilled or crispy? Like breaded or not?” “No, no mayonnaise.” “No I mean do you want the chicken breaded??” “I want chicken. Not hamburger.” “Breading or not?” “Oh, yes yes breading.”

As this spectacle was going down, I was entranced by the new flat-screen displays! They were fancily advertising the deliciousness of the strawberry-banana smoothies. Love those. Problem is, the display just has to show this pink … hole. Literally a pink hole for an advert. It’s an asshole. I don’t know how else to say it. They’ve gone and advertised a tasty smoothie with an anus. A smooth-shaven, not brown anus, but an anus nonetheless.

Posted on October 12th 2014 in Journal

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